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Invite / Refer link / Url and Earn Paisa Online

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Earn upto Rs.0.10 to Rs.2000/- per Referal.

How to Earn?

Earn Money in Easy Three Steps

1. Register to InvitePaisa.

2. Select your InvitePaisa Plan.

3. Refer and Earn Instantly.

What Is InvitePaisa?

InvitePaisa allows you to earn money when you refer users to InvitePaisa. This is the simplest way to earn money online. Just refer and Earn.

How Much You Can Earn At InvitePaisa?

You can earn Rs.0.10 to Rs.2000.00 per user you refer to InvitePaisa.

How & when I receive my payment?

We currently send Payment via Cheque or Neft to bank account. Payments are issued by the 30th of every month. For example, if you request your payment withdrawal anytime this month, your cheque will be issued by 30th of next month.

Minimum Amount Paid Rs.2500

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